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Washer f/cann Hip Pin G295 Ilizarov Wires: With stopper ABS Pressure Regulating Balloon K041 ABS Accessory Package K399 4 Hole K400 20 Hole K401 30 Hole Plate K402 L Plate 9 Hole … Visit Document

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L297 L297E 2Z15 L297 2Z15 L340 K399-2 K399-2 2Z15.70 2Z300 2Z340 3Z400 3Z440 2Z300 2Z300 2Z340 440S 440S 440S Displ. Ski legs (spindles) are equipped with pressure gun fittings and should be lubricated after each 25 hours Thrust washer 17. Snap ring OVERHAUL SKIS. Steering skis, spindles and associated parts are … Fetch Content

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Be sure all passages are open and that vacuum and pressure leaks are eliminated. NOTE: On modals K399-2 and K440-2 encountering vapor lock, a 1V4 in. hole cut In end Thrust washer 8. Bearings 9. Crankshaft assy. 10. Thrust washer 11. Oil seal 12. … Fetch Document