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News Briggs & Stratton Corporation Launches New Sustainability Microsite
MILWAUKEE, Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Briggs & Stratton Corporation (BGG) launched a new microsite today designed to further outline their commitment to sustainability, as well as continue to attract and retain top talent within the company. The web site, www.basco-sustainability.com, primarily focuses on Briggs & Stratton's long standing responsibility as being a strong corporate citizen … Read News

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News Slate Tries Presenting Amazon’s Abusive Warehouse Jobs As Great Opportunities
A mere day after strikes at Amazon warehouses in Germany, which caught the attention of the media in the US, Slate ran as its lead piece in Moneybox an article that bears all the hallmarks of being a PR plant: Amazon Warehouses Are the New Factories . I suspect the author, Emma Roller, wouldn't recognize a factory if it fell on her. … Read News

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